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Cody 4th of July

4th of July in Cody, Our Hometown

JUNE 30-   We loaded Brandon’s van for the trip Home for the 4th of July celebration. 

JULY 1-     We left Oklahoma City for our first night’s stop in Ft. Collins after driving the loop 470 around Denver onto I-25 N.  Stop and go traffic for about 40 miles north was a little nerve wracking.  We were sure glad to be at the motel and to find a dinner place nearby topped the night. 

JULY 2-   We left for Casper, Wyoming and had lunch with Dale and Noreen Leatham at Eggington's in Casper around 11:30.     We had very good food and service.  We got to visit with the owner, Amber (Richardson) Fazio.  Brandon grew up with her when we lived in Casper.  She is among many friends that Brandon went to school with that still live in Casper.  When we got to Cody, we needed to get checked in to the Best Western Ivy Inn on the strip and get cleaned up for dinner.  We met Jim, Peggy and Laurie’s mom at Cassie’s for dinner.  Brandon had never been there.  Steve Singer, Cassie’s owner, came and said hi.  Steve went to school with Laurie in Cody.  After dinner we went to the Cody Stampede Rodeo.  Peggy got some free rodeo tickets from our brothers Larry and David.  David and Larry are some of the big dogs at the rodeo now.  It ended up being a LONG day.

JULY 3-    Today we went to the Grannies for breakfast and then to watch the Parade with Jim and Peggy.  We did Jim and Peggy’s yearly before Parade walk down main street and back before the parade started.  They saw people they knew and we visited.     The Parade was as good as we both remembered over the year’s.   After the Parade the 3 of us went back to our motel for lunch and to get some rest.  Later we met Peggy out at Old Trail Town on the strip.  We went thru the exhibits as it has been years since we did so the last time.  Before it cost just a donation and now is around $ 9.00 per head.  It just wasn’t the same without the man that built the town, Bob Edgar, being there. 

JULY 4-     We went to the Holiday Inn downtown, to meet Virginia, John, Jay, Katie, Jacob and August for breakfast. After the parade we met up with Laurie’s cousin, Mike Bromley, for a visit.  He has a company that builds log homes in and around Cody.  Next stop was Wayne and Elaine’s house for a visit.  Heather was also there visiting from Laporte, Colorado.  Leaving there we went to Becky and Tim’s out at Heart Mountain.  After arriving we went to their Lake house that is being built facing Heart Mountain and then to a BBQ at their daughter Carrie’s house.  Brian grilled delicious burgers that came from their own cow.

JULY 5-     When we went to load the van for the trip home the temps were cold, mid 50’s.  This was going to be a LONG day as we drove 14 hours to our night’s lodging in Hays, Kansas.  We went thru a heck of a wind storm once we were in Kansas.  Exhausted and tired, we went to check into the hotel.  “I know who you are!”, announced the clerk at check-in.  We were quite startled but arriving at 9:00 p.m. and only having one handicapped room, it wasn’t hard to figure out who these bedraggled travelers must be.

JULY 6-    We got home about 1:00 p.m.  Man, it was nice to be home.  Brandon was pretty much worn out. 

All in all it was a good trip, we enjoyed visiting with everyone.  Next trip we need to spend a little more time at a more leisurely pace.

The van, as Brandon says it, worked perfectly.

I want to thank Peggy and Jim for all of their help on our stay.



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