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Volunteer of Year 2010

Brandon's Volunteer of the Year Award for 2010
at The Oklahoma History Museum in Oklahoma City

Here is a picture of Brandon receiving the award

Brandon's award

    In March, 2009 I started volunteering at the Oklahoma History Center.  I volunteer four hours a day for three days a week.  My responsibilities vary depending on the amount of requests by people needing information. 

    On some days I’m doing research for an obituary for someone whose death came in the 1920s or find information on relatives who are Native American who lived around 1900.

    On other days I’m doing data entry that will eventually be placed on the OHC website to help people do on-line research on their families.

    Part of why I enjoy going to the museum is the people I work with.  My boss has a great sense of humor and is easy to talk to about anything.  Whenever I need help on something, the people there are there to help me do my job easier. 

    The other part about the job I do that I enjoy is looking thru the old articles from way back when like during the 1920s and see ads or articles that were a big deal at the time.  It amazes me how far we as a society have come, but also it shows how much we need to go to be in a more ideal world.

Brandon Allshouse
January 16, 2011

Volunteer of year

Brandon's Volunteer of the Year award for 2010

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