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Geronimo and Wildlife Refuge

My Day Trip to Lawton with My Father

                                                                  Story by: Brandon Allshouse

    My father decided to take a day off from work to take a trip with me down to Fort Sill nearLawton to see the museum and where Geronimo was in prison before his death, plus see his grave. On our way down, we ran into a bad thunderstorm which almost caused us to want to turn around and head back to OKC but decided to push on thinking the storm would quit….eventually.

    As we got near Lawton, there was a long line of cars going slow on the highway.  As it turned out, there was some construction just past the exit we needed to take to go to the military fort that’s still in use.

After we got past the security gate at Fort Sill, we pretty much got lost trying to find theFort Sill Museum.  After about 30 minutes or so, we found the stockade where Geronimo’s jail cell is.  Dad and I walked around looking at old guns that were used in World War II, Korea, andVietnam.  We eventually found the museum but with some help from another person who was walking around.  While at the museum, we got directions to Geronimo’s gravesite.  The cemetery was actually quite cool.

After we were done with Fort Sill, we went north to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. We saw some buffalo, but not too many.  We did see several deer.  One looked injured to where it was going to be some cougar’s dinner that night.

We saw a lot of longhorn cattle.  We even saw one with her calf near the road.  It was fun seeing all these animals in an environment similar to Yellowstone National Park.  Dad and I drove upMt. Scott and looked around while on top of the summit.  Afterwards, we drove to Meers to see a famous restaurant there.  After Meers, we headed back to Oklahoma City.

The weather was really cool the entire trip.  It rained a lot coming down but as soon as we entered Fort Sill, the rain just stopped for the most part to where we could go walk around and be totally comfortable.

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