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Laurie's Wyoming Trip 2006

Feb 2006

   Our home town of Cody, Wyoming in winter  

Yellowstone Regions to Visit

   Laurie left on a plane to Cody, Wyoming on Thursday, Feb. 28 to visit her friends from school and her mom.  She has plans to do a lot and see everyone. 

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Janet, Becky and Laurie at lunch in Cody,Wyoming

l to r

Carrie and mom (Becky)

Becky and Laurie

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Virginia, Becky and Laurie having supper at the Proud Cut in Cody to celebrate Virginia's birthday.

Going up the Southfork from Cody.

Southfork views.

More views from the Southfork.

See the mountain goats along the road.

Goats eating minerals out of the soil.

John and Virginia at Bear Lodge in the Big Horn Mountains.

In front of the Bear Lodge, they have a snowmobile parking lot.

John and Virginia in front of Bear Lodge.

Snow on top of the Big Horns.

Wind rows made to stop the wind from drifting snow onto the road.

Wild horses between Greybull and Powell.

Virginia calls them her horses.

Doris and Laurie. I went to school with Doris. Laurie met her in Casper and has kept up with her since.

Now she is home after a fabulous plane trip

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