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Wisconsin 2004 

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    We left Oklahoma City on Friday morning and headed NASCAR style for Wisconsin, getting only to Rockford, IL before we had enough driving for one day. We left Rockford about 7:am on Saturday driving at the same NASCAR pace ( 80 to 85) heading North. We got to Stevens Point, Wisconsin at 10:30 am.  We drove around the downtown area looking at the town when we saw a lot of recumbent bikes, some looked like racing bikes. At 1:00 we went to the motel we were supposed to stay at and registered for the PAW ride.  It was there we met Doctor J.  He reminds us of a guy we ride with all the time here in Oklahoma City,  Mr. Tod,  the teacher.


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The last rest stop before Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

A sign telling about the history of the circus in this area.

The pretty country side from the rest stop south of Stevens Point.

The boy with a leaky boot.

The history of the Boy with the Leaking Boot.

This mansion in Stevens Point is now the Castle Apts.

The city park next to the Wisconsin river.

Laurie waiting for the ducks to get out of the way.

How can anyone be afraid of this?

Some of the PAW riders we will ride with all week.

A road in the city park area.

See the recumbents and trikes ahead of Laurie. I don't think they all were the basic models, some looked made for SPEED.

A recumbent rally being held down in the city park area next to the river.

Laurie trying to figure out the map. Before it was over we missed the turn, so we went back to figure out where we got off the route.

Green and water, a preview of what was to be our environment all week.

The Wisconsin River.

Homes adorned with colorfol flowers and neatly groomed lawns.

Oh, flowers everywhere. Notice the tree made from flower pots in a tree stand.

Laurie in front of a London telephone booth in downtown Stevens Point.

City buildings adorned with huge flower pots.

I thought this company name was great. Have you ever heard, "Oh, You Twit"?

Our great waitress at supper in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin BEER Barrel.

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