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  In November of 2011, Laurie bought me a ticket to drive a sprint cup car at the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth with Team Texas.   They have options where you can either ride and/or drive the cars on the track.  I opted to drive 10 laps and ride 4 laps.  We tried to do it in Feb of 2012 and it rained all day, so we re-scheduled for June 16. Ya know, NASCAR doesn’t bring the cars out if it looks like rain or is rainin. North Texas hadn’t had rain in a LONG time and finally got it, so I didn’t feel too bad, I got to spend the weekend with my wife. We went down on Friday.   For dinner we went in SouthLake, TX at the Wildwood Grill and then went to a nearby movie.

         Finally June 16th day arrived for me to go back to Texas Motor Speedway, also our 39th wedding anniversary.   We got to the track around 11:00 am on Saturday and finally figured out how things worked. I gave Laurie my SLR camera to take pics with and told her to hold the go button down so it would take pic’s continuously until she lets off the button.  I signed in and went to the 30 minute driving school.  After the class the teacher said once that motor started that we would all go brain dead.  He was so right, once that big assed motor started, the fun began... I went up to get a firesuit and a helmet from the rack.  I then waited in line for my turn to drive.  Finally, 6 cars pulled in and we got our choice.  I took car # 14 (Tony Stewart’s car). As I was walking to the car, my trainer and I talked.  I asked how long he had been doing this.  He said it was his first day and we laughed.   I got in the driver’s side and was told to put it in 2nd gear and hold the clutch in.  We would get pushed by the ATV’s and to let out the clutch and LET’S go.  We started out on the apron into turn 1, the whole time giving it gas for speed.  When I let the clutch out and that big noisy Hendricks motor came alive, I forgot everything that was said in the driving school 45 minutes ago.

I finished my 10 laps and again waited in the 4 lap line for my turn.  Laurie brought me some water, as I was really dehydrated from all the heat.  About 45 min later I got back in car # 14 for my ride along with a real driver. This is one of those deals of “git in, sit down, shut up and HANG the hell ON.”  We came out of turn 1 at full throttle in high gear lookin to pass those in front.  I have never been that fast in a car before.  I always thought my little brothers’ cars in Cody were fast.  In their own right they are very fast, but this is a whole new class at speeds of 125 to 170 mph.   I got a video of both my ride and my ride along.  The ride along video is 1 minute and 53 seconds long for 4 laps.  That’s how quick 4 laps fly by at those speeds.

I had fun and it took a while for me to settle down.  Laurie and I went into Ft. Worth’s Sundance Square for our anniversary dinner. We ate at Daddy Jacks.  Man, it was good.  I was still wound up from the ride.

We came home on Sunday. 

Link to the video

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