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Wisconsin 2009

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    This year we almost didn’t get to go on our Northwood’s trek.  In July Jim was diagnosed with Melanoma in his left eye.  We went for a 2nd opinion with the eye specialists at Dean McGee Eye Clinic.  Dr. Reagan Bradford told us to go try to have a good time and when we got back, they would fix me up.  When we got back from Northwood’s, I had an appt with Dr. Leonard and Dr. Guess.  I checked in to Presbyterian Towers Hospital on the OU medical complex here in Oklahoma City.  At 6 AM on August 31 I had Brachy therapy surgery to insert a radiation patch on my eye.  After 5 days confined to my hospital room, I had yet another surgery to take the radiation patch out of my eye.  I was ready to get home.  It was like getting out of jail.  Now that I can see again, I am able to finish this web page. On Sept. 17th we went in for my 2 week checkup.  The doctor said it looks text book.  He said I had enough radiation to do the trick.  He wants to see me in 3 months.  Laurie and I went out to supper and attended a play before going home.  I slept like a rock.  Laurie didn't even walk in her sleep, which is a great change from before the Sept 17 appointment.  I would like to say thank you to all our good friends that called, sent e-mails and came by to visit me in the hospital.

    This year Johnnie and Diana rode with us to Wisconsin.  Bikes loaded and away we go...

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