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Wisconsin 2014

    We had a change of plans for our yearly PAW, Northwood’s bicycle ride.  We had planned to leave in the car on 7/24/14 for Rhinelander, WI.  After work on 7/22/14, Laurie had stopped by our bank for some money on the way home on Rockwell and was involved in a bad car wreck, just 2 blocks from our home. She cracked her collar bone and broke a bone in her left hand, had a bunch of black and blue turning to yellow streaks from the bruising.  She wanted to go anyway and I said NO, you won’t be able to tolerate the 16 hours in a car.   We spent the week instead going to different doctors. The next day she had eye problems and went to our family doc to get her glasses fixed.  He checked her eyes and said to go to a specialist the next day.  We went to my eye specialist at Dean McGee eye clinic to find out she had a tear in her retina.  I got to watch Dr. Leonard fix it with the laser.  My god, this doctor can do the most unthinkable things.  No pain.   We went home.  During the week we saw no less than one doctor per day and one day we saw 3 doctors. 

    Between the doctors and our insurance company and Ford trying to get another car, we were busy all week. State Farm got back with us and they totaled the car.  It would have cost less to go to Wisconsin than to stay in Oklahoma.



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