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Wisconsin 2015 

Northwoods 2015


This was our second try to go to Wisconsin in a 2014 ruby red Ford Fusion.  In 2014 I was in a wreck that totaled our new Fusion just 3 days before we were to leave for Wisconsin.  We purchased a second 2014 ruby red Fusion and dreamed of making the maiden voyage with our bikes on the back of the car.

We both took the Thursday off before leaving on Friday.  As luck would have it, we were packed and ready by noon.  We took our son, Brandon, to lunch and then hit the road for Wichita, Kansas.  Our friends, Jim & Marsha Bean and John Wente were meeting us Friday night in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Friday we got up early and were on our bikes by 6:30 a.m. to ride around Clear Lake.  It was a great ride on quiet roads and some bike trails for 18 miles.  We had time to shower, eat breakfast and hit the road for Rhinelander, Wisconsin. 

We stopped in Steven’s Point, WI at a bike store, “The Hostel Shoppe”.  Jim Bean got a wrench for his recumbent bike and Jim got new bike tights.  We ate brats at one of our favorite stops, the Hilltop Pub & Grill. 

We arrived in Rhinelander around 4:30 and Pedal Across Wisconsin registration was closed.  We checked in prior to the 7 p.m. meeting which included ice cream and brownies and other snacks. 

Sunday, July 26, we did loop rides around Rhinelander.  The weather got hot very fast.  88 degrees is very warm for this part of Wisconsin.

Monday, I rode to Three Lakes where Jim was waiting with the car.  Marsha drove their pickup to Three Lakes.  Jim rode on to Eagle River, while Marsha and I drove to Eagle River.  

Marsha and I had lunch at Soda Pop’s where I had the best onion rings of the week.  Soda Pop’s has a great atmosphere and a sandwich bar that you can put all things imaginable on your burger or chicken sandwich.

Tuesday I rode to St. Germain.  Jim sagged with Marsha after 6 miles.  Once we had lunch, I realized that I was too tired to ride back and sagged with Jim and Marsha back to Eagle River.

In the evening we had the first of our two group dinners at Riverstone.  We had Chicken Marsala which has always been our favorite there.

Wednesday was the Nicolet Forest ride.  Jim decided he wanted to take the day off and not ride.  He drove me to the lunch stop in the forest where we enjoyed Subway sandwiches provided by PAW.  There was a very cold wind coming off the lake. 

I joined Jim Bean, John Wente and Kent & Shirley Shirley to ride back to Eagle River.  There was a howling head wind that we rode into for 2 ½ miles on the main road but became less noticeable when we turned into the trees.

Thursday we all headed towards Land of Lakes.  It was very windy.  Jim and I made 5 miles past Bauer’s Dam (10.5 miles), when we decided to turn around and enjoy a tailwind back to the hotel.  Our group (Bean, Wente and the Shirleys) rode on to the Country Store for a total of 41 miles for them.

Jim and I took pictures at Bauer’s Dam and stopped at the Cranberry Lake Soap shop on our way back to Eagle River.  I bought a variety of soaps & some Cherry Almond lotion that smells wonderful.  We had used everything up since our last visit 2 years ago.

After our showers Jim and I decided to drive to Phelps to see what changes had taken place.  The restaurant where we used to eat breakfast is now an ice cream shop.  The ice cream was very good.

We enjoyed another group dinner at the Riverstone.

Friday Jim Bean, John Wente, Jim and I rode to Bauer’s Dam bar (10.5 miles) for lunch.  Kent and Shirley rode a longer ride but met us there for lunch.  The food was VERY good.  I had homemade haddock chowder that was delicious.  Some PAW members went there for dinner again that night.  We had stopped there in the past for liquid refreshments but never had any idea that the food was SO good. 

Friday night we had an early dinner at Leif’s next door before heading to the Pirates Hideaway for a two hour tour on a pirate ship of the local chain of lakes.  It was great fun!  Kids got tattoos with Sharpies and got to jump the gang plank into the water.  We spotted an eagle and took lots of pictures.  There are some gorgeous homes located on lake front properties.

Kent & Shirley went with us to Riverstone for some after dinner drinks.  It was our last night in Eagle River and we hated to say good-bye.

Saturday, Kent and Shirley were the only ones of our group to ride back to Rhinelander, where their car was parked.  The remaining five of us had vehicles in Eagle River and decided we had enough riding and it was time to hit the road home.

We drove to Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I could experience my beloved jalapeño burger at the Parlor City Pub located in the Bohemian district.  Jim & Marsha and John decided they’d had enough of car travel for the day and did not join us.

Sunday we left at 7:30 a.m. to drive home.  We pulled into the driveway at 6:30 p.m.  It was a long drive.  It felt good to be home but we missed our friends and the cooler temperatures in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

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