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Wyoming Football

Wyoming Cowboys / Oklahoma State Cowboys Game
Sept 6 /2003

Wyoming Cowboys at Oklahoma State Cowboys

                                                                                                                              By Brandon Allshouse


    After years of waiting, I finally got to see the “real” Cowboys play against the “other” Pokes from Stillwater.   I’ve been planning for this game the moment Wyoming destroyed OSU 45-25 in Laramie back in 1995.  The “return” game was originally scheduled for 1999 but was pushed back twice at OSU’s request.

   After getting the tickets in August and hotel room reserved in January, my parents and I ventured to Stillwater around noon on the day of the game.  The game itself would start at 6 p.m.  As an added bonus for Oklahoma State, it’s alumni, and fans, Lewis Field named for a popular professor around turn of the 20th century was going to be renamed Boone Pickens Stadium.  Boone Pickens is an OSU graduate from the 1950’s who made a fortune in the oil industry.  This past summer he gave the university $75 million to help with reconstruction of the stadium.  The university, in turn, renamed the stadium in his honor.


  We got to Stillwater about three hours before game time.  We checked in at our hotel.  Afterwards we drove to the stadium.  The traffic was busy but not really bad.  We found a handicapped parking area about a block from the stadium.  As we entered (and prepared to pay a fair amount of money) the attendant said that since we were in a handicapped van, the parking was free.  First major break for us.  A day after, I was reading in the local Oklahoma City paper that parking spaces in Stillwater were going for as high as $25!


After getting drinks at a convenience store near the stadium, we decided to walk around the campus.  Simply put, the campus was beautiful.  I’ve now been to both OSU’s and University of Oklahoma’s campuses.  In my honest opinion, Oklahoma State was superior.  But, both lag behind the University of Wyoming.  Joking aside, I’m glad I attended East Central University in Ada, as I would’ve never been able to get to my classes on time had I attended OSU.


We got back to the stadium in time to go in.  Some ushers helped us find our seats.  The three of us were able to sit together which was new to us.  Normally at other stadiums like War Memorial Stadium in Laramie, Wyoming, only one person could sit with the person that was handicapped (i.e. myself).  That was the other big break.


The game itself was an exact opposite of the 1995 contest.  Oklahoma State built a huge lead at the half and coasted in the second half allowing Wyoming to score enough points to make the final score respectable.  In 1995, Wyoming had a 35-0 lead at the half, then, coasted to a 45-25 win (& I won $5 off a friend while in college).


The highlight of the game was the halftime ceremony of renaming the stadium.  After a speech made by the Athletic Director, people on the field let loose hundreds of black and orange (OSU’s colors) balloons.  While that was going a fireworks display started.  My father had a heck of a time trying to watch all of this AND take pictures with his digital camera.


The game itself was a disappointment, however, but when the opponent has three players who’ll be playing in the National Football League soon, you expect it.  Besides, Wyoming at the time was still learning a brand new coach’s playbook.


On a side note, it was the third largest crowd I was a part of at 44,158.  The largest was a crowd of almost 70,000 in December of 1985 at Mile High Stadium watching John Elway do his magic with a come-from-behind victory against Kansas City 14-13.


Click thumbnail for larger view of photo.

We saw this next to a convenience store before the game.

Along this street were tailgate parties with tents for shade.

The horse and riders are a part of OSU's cheerleading group. Everytime OSU scores they would ride around the stadium in celebration.

Inside of soon-to-be known as Boone Pickens Stadium.

Some Wyoming fans who travelled many-a-mile to see the original Cowboys. OSU adopted the nickname in 1957. Wyoming had the same nickname since the beginning of the 20th Century.

If you can read this sign, you must have 20/20 vision or better!

Wyoming players warming up prior to game time.

More Wyoming players warming up.

Still warming up for the game.

My son, Brandon Allshouse, author of the preceding story.

OSU cheerleaders getting the crowd fired up prior to the home opener.

The Jumbotron screen showing the replays of big plays by OSU during the game.

Some Wyoming players getting ready. Wyoming has far better looking home jerseys than their white road jersey. The home jerseys are brown with prairie gold trim.

Wyoming defense getting ready.

Wyoming players stretching before the game.

OSU cheerleaders doing their thing.

The stadium at this point was filling up fast.

OSU's mascot: Pistol Pete. Wyoming had a similar character but the university retired the character a few years ago. Wyoming's main mascot is Cowboy Joe, a shetland pony.

Pistol Pete having fun. He would've looked better in Brown and Gold (UW'S colors), I thought!

OSU'S band playing prior to kickoff.

A closer picture of the band.

Another picture of the band.

OSU student section

A good picture of crowd.

OSU's cheerleaders and pom pom squad.

Oklahoma State cheerleaders

The Wyoming Cowboys coming back onto the field.

OSU's band. Wyoming did not bring their band nor the cheerleaders.

Jumbotron showing the renaming ceremony of the Boone Pickens stadium.

Fireworks going off after the dedication.

OSU released hundreds of Black and Orange balloons (OSU's colors)

The unveiling of the "Boone Pickens Stadium" banner.

Moments before the end of the game. Sadly, OSU won. 48 to 24

On Sunday we went to Jim & Arletta's home for a delicious breakfast.

Brandon, Laurie, Arletta and Jim Webster

Comments from other Wyoming Cowboy fans:

Hi Brandon,
Got your message and took a look at your site.  Great pics!  I'm sure Cowboy fans would like to read your story and they'd appreciate your
pictures.  Nice job. Hope everything is going well for you.  I really think that the future  looks bright for Cowboy football and basketball.  This is the "quiet before the storm" which is coming in 2004.

Keep pullin' for those Pokes.  Talk to you later.


Rattlebones wrote:

"I couldn't believe how pretty OSU's campus was. Plus their fans were great too! I had a blast with them at some very cool bars not more than 100 yards off campus. I really liked Stillwater- easy to get around and had everything a good college town should have. The real Cowboys were valiant that day I thought. They just got out manned by pretty good football team! Nice story and good pictures!"

Alapoke wrote:

"Good memories. It's good to see the Cowboys and of course even better when they win."

Poken In wrote:

"Brandon, that was awesome. It looks like you put a lot of hard work and thought into this. You sound like one of the best fans we could have at Poke Nation. Thanks for all of your support. Have a nice Thanks

Edgehawk wrote:

"Great story! Wish we could have joined you, but I'm glad that you were able to attend. Maybe we'll be able to catch up with you at a game next year."

From the Sports Hawaii site:

 "How nice of OSU to put off the rematch until Les Miles put together one of their best teams ever and catching Joe Glenn in his first year was a bonus.  It sounds like you had a great time despite the score. I guess it wouldn't look good to have all the fan fare for the renaming while the home team was getting killed by a non-BCS school

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