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Xenia, Ohio


It was a great disappointment that our good friend, John Wente, Grand Tour leader, had to stay home because he had surgery. We left Oklahoma City on Friday morning, Laurie’s birthday. Our first day’s destination was the Drury Inn in Fenton, Missouri just outside St. Louis.  Saturday, we arrived in Xenia, Ohio and checked into the Ramada, our home for six nights.

Sunday the rest of the participants would be arriving.  Jim and Laurie rode the Xenia trail to Jamestown and then 4 miles further to the end of the trail.  There was nothing to do but turn around and ride back to Jamestown for lunch.  The trail was mostly tree covered and we were protected from both the sun and the wind.  Jim was loving his new e-bike (electric assist) and rode the longest ride he had done in the last two years – 35 miles

Jim and Laurie enjoyed a great dinner at Nick’s Restaurant, a bar located on the trail and across from a grocery store.  It is a sports bar but with two outdoor decks.  Jim had excellent Cod and I had a burger.  Very good.  Laurie wanted to go back again to get the Cod.

Bill Elliot took over the Grand Tour leader responsibilities.  We met for breakfast the next morning in the hotel continental breakfast room.  We split into two groups.  Riders who wanted to do a 100-mile ride were Roger Welch, John McClure, Lissa Woltmann and Layne Hamilton.  Bill led the second group of us on a more do able ride.  Susan Allison, Alan Losinger, Jim & Laurie Allshouse along with Bill Elliot rode to Dayton to see the Wright Brothers Museum & Bike shop.  We rode the Creekside trail and Mad River trail to get there.  The bike shop people directed us to the University area for lunch.  We ate at Bibibop Asian Grill that was quite tasty.  Our round trip was 46 miles.

Susan met us in the hotel bar for drinks before going to Roosters for dinner.

Our next day took Bill, Susan, Alan, Jim & Laurie to Yellow Springs and on to Young’s Dairy for ice cream.  Then we detoured of the trail to Clifton Mill.  It was a quaint building with a water wheel and covered bridge.  Several people were set up with easels and painting or drawing the scene.  About four million white Christmas tree lights covered the structures and all the trees.

Round trip - 33 miles

After showering Bill drove us to Yellow Springs for a late lunch.  As we left Xenia, the wind and rain caught us as a gust front moved into the area.  It was pouring rain in Yellow Springs.  We ended up “Ye Ole Trail Tavern” for German food.  It was still raining after we ate.  Bill gallantly went to get the car and pick us up curb side.

That evening we sat in the bar with Jim, Bill and Alan working to get pictures on the cloud for OBS or Facebook or something. 

Wednesday dawned with the threat of more rain so the whole group, except Jim and Laurie, drove into the Air Force Museum in Dayton.  Jim and Laurie drove to Beavercreek and after breakfast at IHOP took in a movie, “Ocean’s 8”.  It was very enjoyable.  Jim and Laurie don’t go to the movies at home very much, but we always seem to see one moving while we are on vacation.

That evening we all decided to eat dinner at the Golden Jersey Inn at Young’s Dairy.  Susan, Alan, Bill, Layne & Lisa rode their bikes out there.  Roger, John, Jim and Laurie drove. 

That night was a rough one for Jim and Laurie.  Jim was coughing and sneezing and snorting.  He definitely caught a cold.  Not much sleep for either of us.  Jim decided he would be riding Thursday. 

Laurie rode with Bill, Susan and Alan to Waynesville, a sleepy little historical town.  Bill found a café that was open for breakfast.  We rode back to Xenia.  Bill, Susan and Alan rode on to Beavercreek for ice cream.  Laurie was done after 32 miles.

Our last night together, we ate at Nick’s and Laurie got her Cod.  We went back to the hotel to have a night cap at the bar, but the bar was closed.  On a Thursday night?!?

Friday morning, we all headed home.  Jim and Laurie spent the night in Rolla, Missouri and on Saturday morning we headed home.  Found a great little place in Miami to have buffalo burgers, Waylon’s KuKu Burger Joint on Route 66.  It was great!

 Special thanks to John Wente for setting up this Grand Tour and to Bill Elliot for ring leading the herd.  Bill did a great job about texting everyone about ride and dinner plans. 


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