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Old World Wisconsin


Old World Wisconsin 2022

In the winter of 2019, we made plans to ride a weeklong Pedal Across Wisconsin ride in 2020 out of Madison, Wisconsin called “Old World Wisconsin”.  But the coronavirus arrived and all plans for 2020 were cancelled.  2021 arrived and life intervened.  We couldn’t ride that year either.  Third time was a charm, and we were able to meet all our old friends in Madison in June 2022.  Our arrival was like old home week.

The plan:  Arrive in Madison in time to ride around the lake 14 miles, Saturday ride to Whitewater for two nights and have a layover day, two nights in New Glarus and two nights in Spring Green before returning to our vehicles in Madison.  The forecast called for rain on the travel days and sunshine on the layover days. Who set up that schedule?  They were off by one day.

Saturday, we headed to Whitewater on a misty day.  It was cool and we wore our rain jackets, but it wasn’t bad for our longest ride of the year at 54 miles.  On the rest day we rode to the Food stop and back for 28 miles.

Monday, there was a light rain at the start of the day to New Glarus, but it cleared off and was just cloudy and cool.  As predicted the layover day dawned sunny and dry.  Jim asked Don, aka Bubha, for a ride to Madison on Tuesday to get our vehicle.  Jim was tired of riding in the rain.

Wednesday brought heavy rain and Jim is looking like a genius.  We loaded our luggage in our Edge, put the bikes on the back and drove to the food stop.  The rain was unrelenting, and people were soaked to the bone.  One man and wife asked for a ride to Spring Green.  We didn’t have room for their bikes, but Don was there and said he would take their bikes in the back of his pickup.  We were the first two rooms to get to the hotel and we both got rooms with electric fireplaces.  Ellen and her husband were able to dry out a little, while the waited for the luggage truck to arrive.  In the meantime, we put our bikes in our room and headed back up to the food stop.  There we picked up a father and adult son along with their bikes for the ride to Spring Green. Many other people found transportation to town and many just rode in the rain.

Thursday, a layover day, dawned dry and sunny.  We rode to the food stop loop and enjoyed the sunny, cool day.

Friday, the last day of the tour, I had planned to ride to the food stop and then drive into Madison from there.  But it was raining again, so I opted to ride in the Edge with Jim. 

We headed home on Saturday and the weather kept getting hotter and hotter as we travelled south.

It was a great tour but the weather was a bit of a wet blanket.  This tour last year had unseasonable hot weather.  We got the soggy year. 


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