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Sequoyah Lodge

      Laurie and I wanted to spend another weekend at a different Oklahoma State park.  She chose Sequoyah State Park.  Here is the website,  

    Driving through a blinding rain, we arrived on Friday afternoon.  Having a glass of wine with dinner at the lodge, we decided we wanted to sight see around the area on Saturday. We were the only ones in the restaurant for dinner.  The food was very good.

    We got up Saturday morning to snow on the ground with cold and wind. We had breakfast at the lodge. There was only one other couple for breakfast too.  I sure hope they have more business than this.   Breakfast was also very good. 

    We left the lodge later so the roads would not be slick and drove to Muskogee to see the Azaleas at Honor Heights Park. There were just starting to bloom.  After that we drove to Tahlequah for lunch at Sam and Ella’s.  We ate there 12 or so years ago on Freewheel.  The place still has good employees and food.  With our bellies full we decided to find a movie to see.  We saw,” I Can Only Imagine”.  It was filmed in Oklahoma and I thought it was a good flick.    Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the paved walking trails around the lodge.

    Sunday, we got up and drove back roads to Route 66 and drove it south to Oklahoma City.  It was a nice drive. 

All in all, it was a darn nice weekend especially with all of us in good health.

Finally done.

Here are the pic's


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