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Fall in Wyo 2019


Cody Trip 2019

Sometimes a road trip doesn’t start off as planned.  The night before we were to begin our road trip to Wyoming, I fell in the hall and hit my head.  An ambulance ride to the hospital, an MRI and 14 staples later, we were back home.  We left for Hays, Kansas the next morning.  Upon waking in Hays, I found I had a swollen right eye that was a very nice shade of purple.  For the remainder of our trip, I was asked what happened to my eye.

We stayed in Loveland and the next morning took the Belgium Brewing Company Tour.  The place has really changed since the last time we toured.  You have to get tickets now and I had done so on-line before we started our trip.

That night we went to dinner at the Montana Rib and Steak across the street from our hotel.  Our old friends from Casper oilfield days Steve and Anita Pregel joined us for dinner.  University of WY Lauren Kelley and Taylor Smart whose mother went to school with Brandon, also joined us for an enjoyable meal.  Lots of stories were traded as we reminisced about old times.

The next morning, we had breakfast with my Aunt Jo Ann.  Two times in one year.  What a treat!

Casper, Wyoming was our next destination.  Dale and Noreen Leatham came by our hotel to chat for a while.  After eating dinner, we took a driving tour to see our old houses and other changes.  The Petroleum Club is now Grundy’s Brew House.  Brandon wanted to see his old schools.  The lilac trees I had planted in front of our last house in Casper had grown very tall.  The house was well kept and looked like it was loved.

Going through Shoshoni on our way to Cody, we were thrilled that the place that makes milk shakes is now open again.  I had a huckleberry shake, Jim stayed with his regular, a chocolate malt and Brandon had his regular, a Pepsi.  It was delicious and a made my day!

We stayed in Cody at the AmericInn for the next five nights.  We enjoyed dinner at the Irma with my mother, and a dinner at the Proud Cut with Wayne and Elaine.  We visited Kyle at his filling station on main street.  We visited Peggy and Jim at their new home in Willwood, south of Powell.  I really like their new home.  We had coffee with my cousin, Mike Bromley.  Linda was home taking care of a sick grandchild.

We also drove to Yellowstone and had lunch at Lake Hotel.  There had been a skiff of snow causing slick roads going over Sylvan pass into the park, but with bright sunshine, the roads were dry for our drive out of the park. Our waitress was from Austin, Texas.  The next day the hotel was closing after breakfast.  Then they had two days of deep cleaning before buttoning up for the winter.  Her dad was driving up to take her back to Texas.  She said she would be back the next summer.

Mother had purchased a new foldable ramp for her front stairs so that Brandon could drive his wheelchair into her home.  We helped her temporarily install the ramp.  She made a great dinner of rib roast and salad.  She is still a great cook.

Barb Austreim called on the second day of our trip.  She sadly reported that they were expecting a big snow storm for the days we were supposed to be in Williston.  We checked the Black Hills area, where we had planned to travel to after Williston.  They also were predicted to have the same snow storm hit that area.  I spent one morning just canceling hotel reservations and figuring out how to skirt the bad weather. 

Our last day in Cody we had leftovers at my mother’s house.  They were just as good the second time.  As we left, we took down the ramp and stored it for her.

Going back to Casper, we stopped in Shoshoni for shakes again and Brandon got a grilled cheese.  Don’t know why that tickles me so.  Maybe it is just the tradition that I love.

We went to a Quick Care in Casper to get my staples out.  I was quite the hit as two of the three professionals had never seen that done.  I was asked if one of the nurses could try after she had seen the first seven taken out.  I agreed.  It didn’t really hurt except one hair was pulled.

There was a cute house in Lingle, ten miles before Torrington.  A dead tree out front had been turned into a dwarf village.  Very creative!

We stayed in Sidney, Nebraska and Hays, Kansas on our way home.


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