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Cody on July 4th

No Place Like Cody, WY For the 4th of July


    On the 4th of July in 2016 as we barbequed hamburgers in Oklahoma City, Jim, Brandon and I lamented that there is only one place to spend the 4th of July in style.  Plans were made to attend the festivities in 2017.  It takes two days of driving to get to Cody and two days for the return.  We thought we put enough days in the middle of traveling, but we still didn’t have enough time for everything.

    On the way up, as we were going on I-25 over Raton Pass we saw that there had been a massive landslide that completely covered the side of the interstate we normally drive on.  So all traffic going both ways had to be narrowed down to one lane each way on the side of the Interstate reserved only for those heading south.

    As we got closer to Cody, my aunt Peggy had let us know that you could only go thru Wind River Canyon at certain times due to cleanup of any loose boulders that might cause a landslide. This was similar to what happened in 2012 that caused damage to the highway thru there and the railroad on the other side of the canyon.

    All in all it was an adventure getting up to Cody.

    When we were a couple hours away from Cody, Jim’s sister, Peggy, called and asked if we wanted to meet at the Irma for dinner.  Plans were made and my mom, Virginia, joined us as well.

    The next morning Janet Asay Hill picked Laurie up at the motel in her luxurious SUV for coffee at the Rawhide and lots of catching up.

    Later that day we met Becky & Tim at Pat O’Hara’s Brewing Company for a spirited dinner.

    Some of the other highlights were driving up South Fork to the Valley Ranch.  Returning to Cody we ate at a German restaurant on Main Street. That wasn’t there when we grew up.

    The next two days were spent watching the Cody Parade July 3rd and July 4th.  First, we sat outside Granny’s to watch the parade with Jim and Peggy. Brother Larry brought all of us some ice cream and then as we walked down the street, Judy came up to give us hugs. On the 4th we sat with my mom, brother JJ and his family outside the Holiday Inn where my mom treated us to breakfast before the parade.  After the parade, we went to see brother Wayne and Elaine at home. They had all their kids, Cam, his daughter and his sister, Heather.  Later we drove out to the rodeo grounds to see brother David, his wife, Sandy and Annaliese.   Bailie was there with new husband, Ben Barham.

    One of the highlights was going out to Becky and Tim’s new place at the foot of Heart Mountain.  What a beautiful site that overlooks their private pond!  Grand kids were running amok and having a great time.  Every child needs to grow up with such abandon.  Becky and Tim ended the evening with their own fire work display.  What a beautiful location with an equally beautiful new home.

    As luck would have it, Mike Bereman, was staying at our same motel.  Jim helped him download some pictures before we headed south.

    In Casper we visited the Backwards Distillery that is making legal moonshine.  We learned about the ”heart” of the moonshine, that is so pure it won’t give you a hangover.  At the hotel, Dale, Noreen and Heather Leatham stopped by to visit. 

    Loveland Embassy Suites was the last night of our trip.  Brandon’s friend, Kristi Smart, stopped by with her husband, Russ, and their four daughters: Lauren, Brooklynn, Taylor, and Ally.  What a lovely family!  We talked for hours.

    By the time we got home to Oklahoma City, we were all exhausted.  There is no place like home.  But there is no other place to spend the 4th of July but in Cody, Wyoming.


Laurie, Brandon and I had a hand in writing this.

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